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Women's  Health Services

Waterside Women
Women's health / Sexual Health

Includes management of:

menstrual concerns

STD screening

thrush & vulvovaginal issues

Cervical screening Test (CST or previously known as a Pap Smear)

Range of reproductive health supplies_ IUD, pills, condoms, emergency contraceptives IUD,

Contraceptive advice and coordination specific to you and your individual needs and preferences. 

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Chronic gynaecological conditions
such as endometriosis, PCOS, adenomyosis, PMDD 

Assessment, investigation and management of chronic gynaecological conditions.  Referral if needed to an appropriate gynaecologist.

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Breast Health

Assessment & management of any breast concerns, education regarding breast issues, breast self examination and breast cancer screening.

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Perinatal mental health

Assessment and management of any mental health concerns before, during and after pregnancy.  Providing mental health care to women who feel they may need some extra support before and after their baby is born.  

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Perinatal Care - pregnancy planning, fertility, pregnancy care, postnatal care of mum & baby 

Any pregnancy or postnatal related concern or issue.

See "Services".

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