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Postnatal care of mum & baby - from birth and beyond

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Perinatal mental health

Assessment and management of any mental health concerns before, during and after pregnancy.  Providing mental health care to women who feel they may need some extra support before and after their baby is born.  

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Mum & baby postnatal checkup

Waiting until the "6-week check" is usually too long for many mums and babies. This is an opportunity to assess you and your baby's health and recovery, address any feeding concerns early on, and also manage any other physical or emotional health concerns.  Make sure you book as soon as possible if you have any concerns. I often tell my mums and bubs to see me within a few days of discharge from hospital! 

Pediatrician Examining Infant
6-week mum & baby check  

Baby: In depth 6-week health assessment & physical examination, manage and address any health concerns, no matter how big or small. 

Mum: Assess recovery from birth, address health concerns, discuss contraception.   Especially important for women who have not had this check with a private Obgyn.

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Mother & baby breastfeeding / lactation  consultations

1 hour mother & baby breastfeeding consultation, addressing & managing any breastfeeding issues and concerns, assisting with breastfeeding and optimising latch and milk transfer.  

Mother Breastfeeding Baby
Baby feeding issues

Includes medical review and advice about breastfeeding issues, bottle feeding issues, pumping and expressing issues, introduction to solids,  allergy concerns & more. 

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Postnatal - Mum/parent or baby health concerns

A consultation to address any medical concerns about you or your baby.  This may be in the first year after birth or beyond. 

Birth Control Treatment
Postnatal contraception advice

All women are different with regards to when they will need contraception again after birth.  Do be aware that women can still get pregnant when breastfeeding, even if their period has not yet returned. 

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Preventative health and
vaccine advice

How to know your baby is unwell, what to do, when to seek help, what vaccines are available on the routine schedule and as optional extras, and any other preventative health questions you may have.  Please also see Vaccine Information on the resources tab on this website.

Dr Miranda Bradley baby GP
Infant & Children's Health

Dr Miranda Bradley has a passion for caring for children. 

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