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Appointment info & Fees

Dr Miranda Bradley consults in 2 locations.

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Dr Joe Sgroi's consulting suitesFor appointment information & fees @ Dr Joe Sgroi's suites,  please contact the admin team directly on (03) 9416 1586.


Maternal & Infant Wellbeing Melbourne
Appointment Information & Fees - see below.

​​Dr Miranda Bradley provides extended, privately billed consultations, enabling her to provide non rushed, holistic and comprehensive care to each patient.


  • Telehealth consultations are available - please contact admin to request this.

  • Most new patient consultations are booked for 45 - 60 mins duration 

  • Follow up appointments -  30, 45 or 60 mins depending on individual need.

  • Brief <15 min consultations are by individual arrangement and booked by speaking to admin (e.g. follow up appointments & reviews, telehealth results, prescriptions repeats etc.)

  • New mother and baby combined consultations & breastfeeding consultations are 60 mins duration.

If you have any queries about your upcoming appointment please call us on (03) 8652 7222 to discuss. If you do not wish to attend your consultation, please let us know ASAP by phone or email so that your appointment time can be given to another person.  Late cancellation and no-show fees apply.



  • All consultations are privately billed.

  • Payment is required at the time of consultation.  

  • Medicare rebates apply to most consultations.

  • New patient consultation fee may range from $270 -$360. 

  • Fees & Medicare rebates are based on the final duration of your appointment. Depending on your individual needs and circumstances, your consultation may go for longer or shorter than the allocated appointment time and your Fee and Medicare rebate will be adjusted accordingly.

  • Cancellation and “no show” fees apply, see MIWM website for more information. Cancellation fees do not attract a Medicare rebate.

  • Fees for Telehealth consultations are the same as for Face to Face consultations but medicare rebates may vary.  Telehealth Medicare rebates are available for the following:

    • ​Patients who have seen Dr Miranda Bradley Face to Face in the preceding 12 months (or another Dr at MIWM.)

    • All children under the age of 12 months

    • Some consultations related to sexual or reproductive health, pregnancy counselling services & mental health services

    • People isolating due to Covid-19

Please note that for all consultations with Dr Miranda Bradley you are likely to get substantially more back from Medicare  (the Medicare rebate PLUS 80% of the Out of Pocket gap) if you have registered for and crossed the Extended Medicare Safety Nets family threshold for the current year.   Please ensure you have registered prior to attending. The quickest way is to call and speak to Medicare directly on 132 011.  


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