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Preparation for birth, breastfeeding, parenting & perinatal mental health 

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Preparing for birth and parenting

Nothing can quite prepare women for those first few weeks and months after birth commonly known as the "4th Trimester."  

Preparation is invaluable to ensure your physical and emotional postpartum recovery is as smooth as possible.  Most women have a birth plan (that rarely happens!) but very few women have a recovery plan.


This consultation is an opportunity to have tailor-made specialised medical advice to help prepare you for this time.  Topics are individualised and focus on your needs, but may cover such things as childbirth & postpartum, what to expect physically and emotionally, healing after birth, mental health preparation, important tips to care of your baby, breastfeeding tips and education, bottle feeding, when to know if something is wrong or your baby is unwell, the list is endless!

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Preparing for breastfeeding

For women who are hoping to breastfeed, Dr Miranda Bradley has substantial training and experience in breastfeeding medicine & provides lactation consultations. 


Dr Miranda will teach you all you need to know about breastfeeding, antenatal expression, best breastfeeding techniques - why they work and why many other techniques don't work, the importance of understanding the psychology and physiology of breastfeeding,  and how to best navigate your breastfeeding journey. 


With the help of her breastfeeding doll, she will have you practising a great latch in a reclined cradle technique. This technique is a complete game changer for successful breastfeeding and Dr Miranda can demonstrate why! 

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