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Pregnancy planning, fertility & fertility preservation

Fertility Egg Freezing
Pregnancy planning

Optimising health pre-pregnancy & managing any health issues that may be relevant to a future pregnancy.  Providing general health & fertility advice, how to optimise your chances of conceiving, what to be aware of when trying to conceive and what supplements to take.  Discussion and coordination of recommended prenatal blood tests & genetic screening options that are available.  What to do when you find out you are pregnant.

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Fertility concerns

Discussion and education regarding any fertility questions or concerns.  Initial assessment, coordination of fertility investigations such as blood tests & imaging, review of results and discussion of management plan, which may include gynaecologist or fertility specialist referral if indicated or desired.

Counselling & advice regarding fertility options for singles, straight & same gendered couples.    

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Fertility preservation

Assessment of your individual fertility circumstances, discussion of fertility preservation techniques available such as egg or embryo freezing via IVF & referral to an appropriate fertility specialist if desired. 

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