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What does Perinatal mean?

Perinatal means the period from the conception of a child through to the first year after birth.  Antenatal means during pregnancy, postnatal means after birth.

What makes Thrive Perinatal & Thrive Women's and Children's Health different from other services?

Dr Miranda Bradley has a vision to provide a different and more holistic type of medical care to women and children. Her consultations are usually of longer durations, 45- 60 mins+, which provide an opportunity for her to explore and comprehensively address all issues of concern, often in a single visit.  

As an accredited GP and with substantial experience and training  in women's health, perinatal care, fertility and lactation/breastfeeding medicine,  Dr Bradley provides a "one stop shop"  service.  She will take a thorough medical history, make an assessment, organise investigations if needed, make a diagnosis, create a management plan and provide advice on any women's health, children's health or perinatal issues, such as postnatal recovery, mental health concerns, infant health concerns, breast or bottle feeding advice and support, vaccination counselling etc. 


Dr Miranda can also prescribe medication, refer to specialists, organise referrals and arrange blood tests and investigations.   Dr Bradley offers relevant advice and guidance to women both before and during their pregnancy journey who may have any questions or concerns.


Because Dr Bradley is a GP, patients have the benefit that they can claim a Medicare rebate for Face to Face consultations,  Home Visit consultations and also some eligible Telehealth consultations. 

Can I see you for other GP-related medical concerns?

Dr Miranda Bradley's practice has a primary focus on Perinatal care & mental health,  Women's and Infant health  and breastfeeding support.  If you have any issues that are outside this scope then she can discuss what will be the best option for you and your ongoing care. 

Do you offer "Shared Antenatal Care"?  

Dr Miranda Bradley is an accredited Shared Care Maternity Affiliate with many public hospitals in Melbourne.
She also provides Supplementary Antenatal care for women have their antenatal care managed by another provider such as a public hospital or private obstetrician, but want some extra physical and/or mental health support or parenting preparation support throughout their pregnancy. 


Do I need a referral to book an appointment?

No referral is required.  

How long should I book my appointment for?

Dr Miranda Bradley practises slow & thorough medicine. Initial consultaiton are booked for 60 mins (one patient), spending more time with you to provide thorough, comprehensive and holistic care, often addressing multiple issues in one visit.  

Review consultations may be  15, 30, 45 or 60 mins depending on your individual need and will often be often discussed with Dr Miranda Bradley during your initial consultation.

Fees and Medicare rebates are based on the final duration of your consultation, this may be longer or shorter than your booked appointment time. See Fees for more info. 

Can I get prescriptions, referrals and tests done with this service?

Yes, if they are relevant to your perinatal or women's health concerns. If your consultation is a Video Telehealth consultation and you need a prescription for medication, an "e-prescription" can be sent directly to you as an SMS.  Referrals and pathology or imaging requests can be emailed to you or directly to the provider.

Please note Dr Miranda does not prescribe any Schedule 8 drugs (controlled drugs).

Can you organise Mental Health Care Plans?

Dr Miranda has a special interest in perinatal Mental Health and can assess, refer and help to formulate a management plan. A "Mental Health Care Plan" can be coordinated if you are eligible under current Medicare guidelines. 

Do you give immunisations?

Dr Bradley welcomes the opportunity to discuss and advise you about vaccines that are available on the routine schedule and also those that are optional extras.  Vaccines are due to be available at MIWM in May 2024.  

Do you see dads/partners too?

Dr Miranda welcomes the opportunity to get the dads or other partner involved. They are welcome to join the consultation, but with your consent of course! They will need to complete a separate registration form if they have any relevant medical issues that need to be attended to.

Can I get a Medicare rebate back for my consultation?

  • Home visits:  YES

  • Face to Face consultations:  YES

  • Medicare rebates apply for SOME Video Telehealth appointments, but not all. These criteria are changing frequently.  A Medicare rebate is currently available if you fulfill  one of the below criteria:

    • You have seen Dr Miranda Bradley for a  face-to-face appointment or attended MIWM within the last 12 months 

    • Children under 12 months of age.

    • "for the provision of services related to blood borne viruses, sexual or reproductive health". Please note there is NO rebate available for routine antenatal/pregnancy care.  

    • If you are currently in isolation or quarantine because of a state public health order. 

    • Some pregnancy counselling services and some mental health services.


**Please ensure you have registered with "Medicare Safety Nets" as a family, as you may be able to claim back up to 80% of your out of pocket fee. **

What is "Medicare Safety Nets"?

NOTE:  Registering for Medicare Safety Nets is a separate process to having registered your baby for a Medicare card.

  • When you spend over a certain amount in "out of pocket" medical expenses in a calendar year (which is often the case when you have a baby), Medicare give you a higher amount back for the rest of the calendar year. You may receive up to 80% of the "out of pocket" fee back.  This makes a consultation with Dr Miranda Bradley much more affordable at you get back about 85% of the total fee.

  • The Safety Nets are calculated each calendar year, 1 January to 31 December.

  • You need to register and confirm your family members with Medicare to combine your costs.  It is recommend you do this ASAP.  Calling Medicare and speaking to someone in person is the best way to register and find out your eligibility. (Medicare phone number:  132 011, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day) It is highly recommended this is done BEFORE your first appointment.   

MedicareSafet Nets FAQ
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