Telephone and video consultations

I offer telephone or video consultations.   We can speak over the phone, or I can send you a web link if you prefer a face to face appointment. 

A Telehealth appointment is particularly useful for those who need prescription renewals, referrals, letters, certificates, investigations and ongoing monitoring of their medical issues. Prescriptions, referrals and investigation request forms can be sent directly to pharmacists, imaging or pathology providers. 

During your telehealth appointment, if it is determined that your medical issue requires a face to face appointment for examination or a procedure etc, we will try to arrange this at an appropriate time.​ 

Please note that current Government Medicare legislation is continuously changing due to Covid-19.  A Medicare rebate is now only be available for a Telehealth Appointment if you have attended at this practice "face to face" in the last 12 months or in certain other circumstances, such as for children under 12 months or those whose movement is affected by Covid-19 quarantine laws. 


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