Dr Miranda Bradley

Dr Miranda Bradley is an experienced General Practitioner (GP) with a special interest in perinatal health.  She is the founder of Thrive Perinatal, a unique medical service for future, expectant and new mums and babies.  Click here if you wish to be redirected to the Thrive Perinatal website.

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Stethoscope on the Cardiogram
Pediatrician Examining Infant

As a perinatal GP, Dr Miranda Bradley's services include:

Pregnancy planning:

  • Pregnancy planning, fertility advice, investigations, blood tests, genetic screening counselling and coordination



  • New pregnancy confirmation and managment

  • Pregnancy medical advice, guidance and referral to public or private obstetric care

  • Pregnancy wellness consultations

  • Pregnancy consultations - preparing for birth and parenting

  • Perinatal mental health assessment and management



  • Mum & baby postnatal medical review and checkups  at any stage in the first 12  months

  • Newborn examinations and baby checkups

  • 3-week mum and baby wellness check ​

  • 6-week mum and baby check

  • Postnatal contraception advice

  • Breastfeeding and bottle feeding advice and troubleshooting

  • Preventative health and vaccine advice for mums and babies

  • Postnatal mental health concerns


See www.thriveperinatal.com.au for more details.



Appointments & contact

For enquiries with Thrive Perinatal, please click below to be redirected to the Thrive Perinatal Website.

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